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Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019





A decade ago the term “DevOps” was made public by Patrick Debois, this worldwide accepted and used methodology by which software development teams and IT operations teams work collaboratively for a continuous delivery of business value.

Companies that have implemented DevOps have seen increased business efficiency and faster deployments. It’s proved itself not to be a trend but a necessity.

The beginning of Global DevOps Bootcamp

Marcel de Vries (Xpirit), Mathias Olausson (Solidify) and René van Osnabrugge (Xpirit) always believe in sharing their DevOps knowledge and started a worldwide live-event “Global DevOps Bootcamp” three years ago to challenge participants with hands-on experiences using the latest DevOps principles in Microsoft Technology. Together with a small team of other MVP’s and supported by their companies Xpirit, Solidify and Microsoft they exceed their own expectations every year.


The theme

The 2019 theme was: You build it, you run away it!

The previous years they had been exercising how to build modern apps using Continuous delivery and DevOps practices. But you are not done when you have built your app. In DevOps you do not run away, but you run your app! So this year they shifted gears and took skills to the next level by levering Rugged DevOps principles and introduced the audience to Site Reliability Engineering.

(SRE) Focused on the important phase:

  • Get insights into how your system behave to make you and your users aware of any anomalies.
  • Connect with your users to make sure users are aware of the issue.
  • Action remediation to get your system back into operation.

The day - Saturday the 15th of June 2019

This year the third edition of the event was organized Saturday the 15th of June. With the 2019 theme “you build it, you run away it” Global DevOps Bootcamp ran for a 26 hours marathon, broadcasted live around the world. There were 88 different venues in 35 countries, which gave the opportunity for 10.000 attendees to collaborate on challenges of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure DevOps, created by community enthusiasts from Xpirit and Solidify.

The event started in Christ Church New Zealand and ended in Los Angeles and Seattle, a round the globe 24/7 event. In Hilversum at Xpirit, the production headquarters and dutch location of the event, the team coordinated and managed the panels of the event.

The challenges were hosted from a website. When the attendees started a challenge it caused several incidents in their running web shop application on which they had to detect, respond and remediate. By showing them SRE practices, solutions in Azure DevOps and Azure itself they learned a lot of new concepts on the go. Certificate management, Vulnerable package scanning, Denial of Service attack mitigation but also dealing with flakey connections.

The results

Our social media analysis shows that we generated a lot of positive responses using the #GDBC.


  • •  Approx 10,000 attendees
  • •  88 venues
  • •  35 countries
  • •  1530 Resourcegroups
  • •  1340 App Service Plans
  • •  1340 Application Insights
  • •  1340 App Services
  • •  96 SQL servers
  • •  1340 SQL databases
  • •  1340 Azure DevOps Teams
  • •  7 Azure DevOps organisations
  • •  4 Azure Subscriptions

The Quotes

 (Product Owner Maersk)

“..for example I recommended to my architect that he join the bootcamp as part of his 'discovery growth' for this year.  He came back from that event literally 'glowing' from the experience of spending half of his weekend working on a DEVOPs scenario..”

(Product Marketing Manager Azure DevOps)

“Let me join the others in congratulating you for the success!"

"I attended the bootcamp in Vancouver as an attendee. It was a terrific experience and I learnt a lot! It was easy to see the amount of work that you put in organizing this, and I'm impressed by how well you managed to make everything happen."

 "I hope we'll be able to partner again next year!”

 (Attendees )

“I never worked with Azure, but I did not know it was so easy!”

“The Azure DevOps tools were not familiar to me until now, but this was really awesome”

“Great to learn the run side of DevOps, now I know it is called SRE 😊”















The Credits

An awesome core team that helps in preparing and setting up the event. Lots of gratitude goes out to Jasper Gilhuis, Rob Bos and Michiel van Oudheusden. And no GDBC without the tremendous support of Martin Woodward and Anisha Pindoria from Microsoft!

A big thank you to the Regional Directors program, they provided lunches for many of the venues with a “Subway” in their neighborhood.


As a proud partner of Global DevOps BootCamp we can say... They built it, they nailed it!

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