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Global DevOps Bootcamp 2018 - A True Global effort 

For the second time, Xpirit has once again successfully hosted the Global DevOps BootCamp. The event was organized last Saturday at 75 different venues worldwide, and included over 8000 participants who collaborated on challenges created by Xpirit and its Swedish event partner Solidify. Inspired by the theme 'From once a month to multiple times per day', a large set of challenges were prepared for all participants. These challenges allowed the participants to gain hands-on experience with the latest DevOps principles in Microsoft Technology.

Venues all over the world

After a very successful 2017 edition, René van Osnabrugge (Xpirit), Marcel de Vries (Xpirit) and Mathias Olausson (Solidify) started early on the preparations for the 2018 edition. The increased size of the event required global coordination and dedicated attention to qualitative content. A large part of the Xpirit and Solidify team, but also people from the community, contributed during the preparation phase to ensure that the challenges and content were accurate and remained up-to-date with the ongoing new releases of Visual Studio Team Services.

During the first week after opening the venue registration, a record-breaking number of 30 venues had registered. At the time of the event, a total of 75 venues in 25 countries opened their doors for over 8000 DevOps enthusiasts. Meanwhile Azure showed its scalability in true form: during the event, 2600 Virtual Machines were started, taking up over 300 terabytes of disk storage.



Close Collaboration with Microsoft

In 2017, Microsoft became positively overwhelmed by the enormous success of the Global DevOps Bootcamp. To empower the community and to allow the event to freely expand, Microsoft made Visual Studio Team Services, Azure (6000 Azure Passes of $100 each) and 2000 GDBC T-Shirts freely available. In addition, Microsoft’s Engineering Director of Visual Studio Team Services, Buck Hodges, recorded an inspiring keynote, which was played back at all local events.

The Microsoft DevOps evangelism team, led by Donovan Brown, actively participated. With representation in Peru, Australia, the USA and Canada, Microsoft showed how important the DevOps principles are for its customer base. Donovan expressed his appreciation for the event in a tweet: Congratulations to @marcelv @renevo and @molausson on another incredible @gdevopsbc. It truly has been an honor to participate in both years of this fantastic event.  Thanks for letting League be included. Excited for 2019!     


Brian Randel & Ian Griffiths participated from the USA and UK as Virtual Machine Magicans >>>>>>                         


                         VSTS Engineering Director thanking the GDBC organizing team for their efforts


                                      Microsoft’s DevOps Evangelism participating GDBC all over the world                                                                                     

Looking back

René van Osnabrugge is thrilled about the success: “When we started the DevOps Bootcamp 2 year ago, we had no expectations about its impact. The attendance last year was a surprise, but the enthusiasm for this year even more. Over the last 6 months, we’ve worked with so many great community leaders around the globe in the preparation of the event. Today it felt like a global collaborative team with tons of energy to make the day a success. That’s an indescribable feeling.”



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