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Cloud Trends Survey 2020

For the third consecutive year, Binx, Xebia DevOps, Xpirit, and Computable conduct The Cloud Survey. The objective of this survey is to establish insight in how organizations use cloud technology and to point out the major trends.

Join the survey and share your Cloud experience. As a reward you will receive the full copy of the report, and you will be eligible to win awesome prizes.

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Major Cloud Trends

The survey will cover several cloud trends:

  • Which platforms are leading
  • What are the benefits of cloud Technology?
  • What are the challenges of cloud Technology?
  • What’s your cloud experience?

What’s Your Cloud Experience?

The past three researches already provided several valuable insights:

Only a few organizations have not adopted any cloud technology at all. Are you one of the adopters or still reluctant to use cloud technology?

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are the the top three leading platforms. Which platform do you use?

Participants indicate that limited knowledge of cloud technology and resistance to change are the biggest factors for cloud transformations to fail. What do you see as the biggest reasons for cloud transformations to fail?

The most important reasons to adopt cloud technology are operational flexibility, cost reduction and the possibility to increase innovation power of the organization. What is the reason for your organization to adopt cloud?


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Win Great Prizes

Participants will not only receive a free copy of the full report, you are also eligible to win some great prizes, including a box of Lego “International Space Station”, or a copy of the books “DevOps voor Managers” or “Mastering Serverless Applications on Cloud Run”.


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