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Cloud Readiness Scan     

We recognize that going to the cloud is not something you do overnight. It starts with a strategic vision on how you want to offer your services, and touches many aspects, both organizational and technical. Your organization may or may not be prepared for the many steps you have to take to do this in a comfortable way. All Xpirit consultants have worked in various cloud migration scenarios and have helped customers to make the most out of the cloud.

To avoid that your organization incurs unnecessary costs or encounters common pitfalls that we have seen many times before, we've bundled all these experiences into a standard approach. During a short and defined period, we develop a cloud strategy for your organization. This does include a set of written advices but is also focused on solving a set of fundamental problems using industry wide recognized best. As a next step, the scan can lead to a set of prototypes that we define together with you to address challenges such as impact on your software architecture, scalability, privacy and security.

The cloud readiness scan puts you in the best possible starting position for your journey to the cloud. We won’t leave you to it alone though. Let us take those first steps together with your team, to enable your employees to follow through on the migration. We will help you with your roadmap, guide the migration and provide guidance on how to run your system in production. Based on a knowledge assessment of your team, we can provide a study plan and necessary training.

Depending on the magnitude of your cloud migration initiative, Xpirit offers a package tailored to your situation. Cloud Readiness Scans are performed by at least two skilled and experienced Xpirit consultants and cover a range of aspects to bootstrap the migration.


Here is a glimpse of what the package contains:


Cloud Objectives

Cloud & Technology strategy


Architecture Review
Logical cohesion and technical structure
Deployment and release
Code Quality
Cloud Aspects
Scalability Availability
Software versioning
Multitenancy System monitoring and telemetry
Security DevOps process
Maturity assessment
Knowledge and skills assessment
Coaching and training


DevOps process
Maturity assessment
Knowledge and skills assessment
Coaching and training


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