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Following the first successful years of building Xpirit in the Netherlands, we found that our formula resonates well with our customers, employees and the community. We received numerous requests from various people across different countries, asking whether it would be possible to explore the idea of creating a new Xpirit entity in their particular area.

20181031-MarcDuiker-_DSC9536-sRGB-2400q90At first we were a bit hesitant because this requires a team of really skilled and professional entrepreneurs. It is easy to create a consulting company, but creating a successful company that operates under exactly the same values and principles can be extremely difficult. However, earlier this year Pieter Gheysens and Gill Cleeren approached us with the initiative to create an Xpirit subsidiary in Belgium.



We have known Pieter and Gill for a long time and we have collaborated in

the past on multiple occasions. They have the same mindset and DNA as we do, and this makes us a perfect match: Pieter and Gill are always striving to deliver high-quality services.

20181031-MarcDuiker-_DSC9535-sRGB-2400q90Moreover, they undertake their activities with customer intimacy in mind, and they are constantly sharing their knowledge. This is clearly demonstrated by their participation in various communities and in the awards they have received, for example Microsoft Regional Director (Gill) and MVP (Gill and Pieter). In short, there was a natural click with them from day one. Gill and Pieter approached us when they were planning to start a new company in Belgium, and we immediately recognized that this was an opportunity for us all to found Xpirit Belgium.


From left to right: Gill Cleeren (CTO Belgium), Marcel de Vries (CTO Xpirit), Pascal Greuter (Managing Director Xpirit), Stefan Tijsinger (CFO Xebia Group), Pieter Gheysens (Managing Director Belgium), Immanuel Kranendonk (COO), Vivian Andringa (CMO)

Starting up in Belgium expands our reach as a brand, and at the same time, it improves our global reach. With this step we are also adding some very talented and passionate entrepreneurs to the team. We found this opportunity to be a win-win situation that we wanted to pursue, and this is why we came to the conclusion that we would build a new company in Belgium under the same brand Xpirit that will operate in the same way as Xpirit in the Netherlands. They have the same mission, they will be the leading authority in our industry regarding new Microsoft technology, and they will use the same principles and values as we do. The expansion to Belgium allows us to start a new journey and we are fully confident that we can bring the energy of creating the future now to our worldwide customers!

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